Kalle’s Backa 55 in English

Kalle’s Backa 55 is a full-service restaurant in the historic district of Sauvo Kallenmäki, close to the center, with good access to both private and corporate customers all year round. Get under the same roof facilities, meeting technology, food, A-right drinks and programs that fit your designs!

48-seat restaurant, 40-seat covered terrace and 20-seat hut in the green.
The garden is an atmospheric alternative to a holiday.
The menu selection of Kalle’s Backa, features delicious dishes
for every taste. You can choose between a ready-made table or each dish separately for your party
from start to finish. The decades of experience of the restaurateur
in program services provides  if necessary, musical performance, a theater, a talent program, etc.

Reservations and Offers: Rami Tapper p. 040-5514387 tai Rami.tapper @ elisanet.fi ,

our www-side www.tappers.fi